Ivo Koritnik has been present as a designer, scenographer and architect in the Slovene area already for some time. He studied architecture from 1980 at the university of Ljubljana. Already during his studies he was interested in the design of light, in cooperation with the Studio TSE and the company TIM Koper which were among the leading producers of light and scene equipment in former Yugoslavia. Similar projects of light design, in cooperation with recognized architects of the former state follow in Zagreb, Sarajevo, Split and Dubrovnik. Together with the architects Matjaž Pangerc and Andraž Černič they set up Arch Studio, that functions within the group Arhé. His studio, set up in 1989, worked on the design of fair architecture, exhibitions in interior design. Together with Matjaž Pangerc they were awarded the Golden MM for the design of the showroom Svilanit. Because of his experience in light design Belica Škerlak invited him to cooperate at the realization of television scenography.

In 1989 the first own buildings were designed. Together with Andraž Črnič they realized the renovation of the buildings CUDV Draga for children with special demands and they were awarded the recognition of the Ministry of Labour ¨”Innovator of the Year” for the interdisciplinary project “Snoezelen”. As a member of the committee for public events in Ljubljana he took care for the seasons’ decoration and the scenes of public events in Ljubljana together with Ariana Furlan. Numerous television scenographies were realized, such as: Summer Night, Cross Cross, Spring 3 x 3, Little Grey Cells. Petja Zupančič worked also on the design of inner equipment. Sonja Kunčič cooperated with the scenographies for the broadcasts Orion, Slovene Pop Song, Unicef and the renovation of Hotel Larix in Kranjska gora. Jani Bizjak joins the team.

In Moscow the casinos Cosmos and Shangrila in the Cinema Theatre Puškin were realized. Matjaž Križman, Matjaž Ferenc and Erich Müller join the team. In 2000 he started to deal with the external appearance of BTC. Hall A was renovated, the Avenue of the Young was realized, also the Baby centre, Theatre Comedy, the project of public marks and numerous other intervening solutions. Together with the group KOMALET (Koritnik, Maravič, Letnar) he realized numerous public events: honouring the Statehood Day  on the Republic Square in 2004, Opening of the World Music Days on Prešern Square, Only One Blossom, New Year’s Concert of the Insurance Company Triglav, and Acceptance of Slovenia into NATO in Cankarjev dom. At the moment the Arch Studio works on renovation projects of business premises of Sava Kranj, CUDV Draga in Draga at Ig and the renovation of the elementary school Vodice owing to a natural catastrophe. At the project KINO ŠIŠKA he is the author of the light and scene technique. Based on the projects of Arch Studio a passive house in Zbilje was realized. He lectures at gatherings on energy preservation, namely about rational and creative use of natural light. On TV SLO permanent broadcasts Little Grey Cells and the Midnight Club are broadcasted. As a lecturer he lectures on inner design of public buildings and light at the Academy for Design in Ljubljana.


Afbeelding 15Petra Bole finished the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana and postgraduate study (MA) at London Metropolitan University, Silversmithing and Jewellery. She is working as a designer since 2001 and as a teacher since 2004. Beside her pedagogic work she has also been occupied with jewellery design, product design and interior design. She has participated in 36 international (Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA, Brazil, Croatia and Serbia) and 45 home exhibitions and projects. Since 2003 she is founder and president of the Slovene Association for Contemporary Jewellery and since 2013 president of Unique Design Section at Designers Society of Slovenia (DSS). She works at the Faculty of Design in Ljubljana as a Vice dean for creativity and an assistant professor. Her area of expertise is education in the field of product design, mainly metal.

Internationally she is active in GIDE group (Group for International Design Education) and in the international art research platform A.L.I.C.E (ARCHITECTURE.LANDSCAPE.INTERIOR.DESIGN. EDUCATION), which links to architecture and design academies around the world.

She strongly believes that the importance and the role of education nowadays represent a fundamental activity which requires experienced and well educated experts. Therefore she is just finishing her PhD degree at the University of Primorska, Faculty of Humanities Koper, Department for Philosophy and Theory of Visual Culture.


Afbeelding 21Inge Kalan Lipar is an architect with thirty years of experience in interior design planning in public objects. Last five years she works as professor lecturer.

After her graduation at the Faculty of Architecture she was for ten years, part of the team architects working with one of the most important Slovene architects Edvard Ravnikar. They made a lot of architectural projects all over the country. The most important projects were made for biggest department store Maximarket and the main theatre and concert hall Cankarjev Dom both in Ljubljana.

For the next twenty five years she was the main store designer in the department store Maximarket. She was the team leader and author of several re-designs in the store house.

She was working with several European store designers in this long period. She was the part of store designers team in company Umdasch working on the projects for Maximarket. She was working at last project and renovation of Maximarket that was done in the 2011 with the team  of interior designers from Netherlands  from company  Yos de Vries. She designed several interior designs for many restaurants, individual houses and flats. Now she is as professor teaching at the Faculty of Design in Ljubljana, lecturing interior


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