Milan 2015: the workshop

The workshop is unfortunately finished… It’s time to discover the results and the story-pictures of these exciting 3 days in Milan!

campUS – among+with+for students&citizens

During the workshop, students and tutors have been divided into 12 groups to work on 12 stories related to 12 moments of a regular day of a student in Milan. Each moment has been connected to 12 significant places in Milan.

The goal of the workshop was to design 12 temporary settings about these stories and these places through micro-settings and digital tools, to increase the comprehension and connection between the city users and the urban spaces.

We collected the whole city and its daily gestures in our university, open it up towards the Milanese and local inhabitants. An ideal connection between the campus and the city, where stories and places could feed each-others and grow together: a campUS.

October 6th 2015: Open Lecture

>> Welcome

Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis
Full Professor, Dean of the School of Design – Politecnico di Milano

Silvia Piardi 
Full Professor, Head of the Design Department – Politecnico di Milano

>> Keynote speakers

“Expo MiLAno 2015: ThE MAKing of”, Luisa Collina. Full Professor, Rector’s Delegate for EXPO 2015 and Major Events – Internationalization Policies

“Co-creative Design”, Alice Holmberg. Designer and lecturer, Visiting Practitioner at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

“Technical sponsor speech: BIRRIFICIO ANGELO PORETTI”, Laura Marchini. Corporate Affairs Manager, Carlsberg Italia S.p.A

>> Feed the Planet: Schools projects presentation

>> Introducing GIDE Milano 2015: “campUS – among+for+with students&citizens” workshop

Davide Fassi Associate professor, POLIMI GIDE coordinator

Agnese Rebaglio Assistant professor, Design Department

Francesca Piredda Assistant professor, Imagis Lab, Design Department

Ida Castelnuovo Coordination and Management, Polisocial

Ph.credits: © A. Fada-E. Cervi/Lab Immagine Design, Dipartimento di DESIGN, Politecnico di Milano –

October 6th 2015: team building picnic and city guided tour

The 12 teams visited 12 significant places in Milan to be their inspirations for the workshop: 12 stories related to 12 moments of a regular day of a student in Milan. Where?

‘Morning Milano: having breakfast at Biancolatte Bakery // City riders: a bike tour of the renewed Porta Nuova district // Urban Escape: discovering Cascina Cuccagna, a new public space in a 17th century farmhouse // Design pills: a visit to Triennale Design Museum // Schiscetta Time: enjoying Mercato Metropolitano // Buon appetito: having lunch in the Italian best artisan products temple, Eataly // The factory: the FabLab experience // Fan for fun: a visit to San Siro stadium // Keep fit: Parco Sempione, a park full of art and history // Chill out: Darsena, the urban renewal of the city’s harbor // Aperitivo: the origin of a daily ritual at Camparino // Sweet dreams: discovering a special youth hostel, OstelloBello.

October 7-8th 2015: digital stories and micro-settings

Each group could chose to both work on micro-set and digital stories.
The micro-set represented and redesigned the visited place and the activities done during the city guided tour. Students will use the recycled materials provided in big-boxes and specific ones in personal “mystery boxes”. The micro-settings have been “activated” during the final presentation in the Bovisa campus with selected performers, the acting company Teatribù, embodying the story and giving life to the space.

The DIGITAL STORIES, developed with the support of ImagisLab – Design Department of the School of Design, Politecnico di Milano: students were asked to collect physical and digital material from the exploration activities and they have been given tools for the creation of characters and digital stories from the collected material. Check here the results:


Feed the planet exhibition

Opening Wednesday October, 7th 2015 at Design Center Ex-Ansaldo

Exhibition October, 8th – 16th 2015 at School of Design – Politecnico di Milano, building B8 ground floor

In the 2014/15 Academic Year, in line with “Expo 2015 – Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” topic, the 8 schools worked on the “Feed the planet” theme, developing new concepts for urban morphology and social/food habits according to changes in the food industry, in the processes of production and sales, in the economic problems and in the sufficiency of the world’s resources. Food becomes an effective tool in order to reflect on current issues for which design is the protagonist to reinvent places, processes and to identify new scenarios.

See here the students’ banners.

Thanks to the GIDE Milano team, the volunteers and the participants!

Organized by School of Design with Design Department, Politecnico di Milano BSc Interior Design

Scientific coordinators Davide Fassi, Agnese Rebaglio

Scientific co-coordinator Annalinda De Rosa

Operational managers and PSS design Mara Colzani, Marta Maierna, Francesca Padovan

Collaborators Claudia Mastrantonio, Martina Mazzarello, Silvia Rizzello

Volunteers Ottla Arrigoni, Andrea Baldin, Greta Bosisio, Silvia Cardella, Beatrice Ciotola, Alessia Di Francesca, Tina Fazeli, Marco Focaccia, Sara Gabbioni, Huiling Li, Agathe Martinot, Vanessa Monna, Umamaheshwar Naradas, Davide Pedone, Luca Piallini, Andrea Pusineri, Tobia Scapin, Oriana Serra, Roxane Spang

Thanks to Laboratorio Allestimenti “Paolo Padova”, Lab Immagine del Dipartimento di Design, Archivi Storici del Politecnico di Milano, Design Department Administration Offices, Relé Office – International Relations and Projects – Politecnico di Milano, ESN – Erasmus Student Network, Luciano Crespi, Ico Migliore, Davide Crippa, Giulia Cugnasca and Valentina La Terza of “Avanzi. Sostenibilità perAzioni”, Daniela Petrillo, Anna Maria Stefani

Special thanks to Francesca Piredda, Elisa Bertolotti, Mariana Ciancia and Simona Venditti (Imagis Lab – Design Department)