Theme: flowing spaces | city in motion


In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed
and the first of that which comes; so with present time.
Leonardo da Vinci, Leonardos Notebooks

Magdeburg welcomes you with a topic surrounding the river Elbe.
9 selected, striking places are focussing the flow of the city of Magdeburg.
And this in the ambiguous sense:

// On one hand, it’s about discovering connections between urban spaces and water, it’s about analyzing, intensifying this relations, to make water more experienceable, but also to create new connections in urban space.

// On the other hand, it is about sensing, picking up and amplifying the “flow” of the city. Searching for tracks of changes and then transfering the found into the future.

Discovering and dealing with all forms of “flow”, of movement, changes, of relationships and interactions between people, nature and buildings of the city will flow into concepts and creative statements, that give us an emotionally look into the future of Magdeburg.

When you make a decision, you are really diving in a strong current
that will bring you to places you never dreamed of when you first made that decision.
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

A walk through the city of a different kind
Each of the 9 workshop contributions is one part, one station of a special walk around the city of Magdeburg. It’s a walk with a look up to changes, relations, connections, the movement of the river, the flow of the city.Looking at the the past, the view sweeps into the future.
Where is water visible, tangible, accessible?
Which references and visual relationships can be seen and experienced at your location?
What would you like to add to your “flowing space”?
How do you want to change the location to make it a better place?
What remains? What’s next?
What do we leave behind us as a result of the workshop?
How can we set footprints in urban space, how show up connections, interactions and relations between remarkable places?

Essentially, it’s about all kind of movement, relations and Interactions between human beings, nature and buildings. Where can traces of these relationships be found in this place, where are changes, where is flow visible? How can these relations, the movement be changed, intensified or even reversed by small creative interventions or by new footprints, that we lay?

can be presented in form of
// photomontages,
// sketches,
// videos,
// models,
// installations,
// projections and/or
// in a performance.
All workshop results will be presented in form of a virtual walk through the city on
thursday, 22.02.2018 | 5.30 pm
in the big lecture room of the forum gestaltung.
A computer and a digital projector will be available.