“Step across the border” aims to step beyond the visible reality and established concepts by experimenting inquiry and design tools in the context of the sociology of space. (*)
Human behaviours help us to understand, reflect and design the space and time.
So, let’s take time to observe and investigate them to discover and highlight “boundary moments” which are sometimes invisible for us.

During the workshop we will focus on human behaviours and explore the urban space in order to reveal social invisible boundaries and/or to redefine material visible boundaries.

At the beginning of the workshop students will be divided in 9 teams. A specific area of the city of Lugano will be allocated to each work team. The work team shall explore the interaction between human behaviours and the space, in particular each work team shall select two (in)visible “boundary moments” by exploring interior and exterior urban spaces.
In a second time, each work team will be split into two small work teams. Each of these will then have to focus its effort on only one “boundary moment”, elaborating a statement and relating the “boundary moment” through a short documentary supported with a poster.

During the exploration of the area and researching “boundary moments”, the group will be guided by the people flow, human behaviours and the moments. This approach will need a good sense of improvisation: “It is the moment that counts, the intuitive sense of what is happening in the space.” . (Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel about the film “Step Across the Border”)

The video shall be used as a documentation, inquiry, design and representation tool, able to catch and show interactions between space and human behaviour in a specific timeframe.

Each small work team must deliver:
– a short documentary, max. 3 minutes, which describe an (in)visible “boundary moment”
– a short documentary poster (50x70cm)

Delivery deadline: short documentaries and posters must reach us by 9 February 2017, at 2.30 pm.
The outputs will be presented and displayed in the Ex-Macello of Lugano for the duration of the exhibition, until Sunday12th February 2017.


(*) The “sociology” of space examines the social and material constitution of spaces. It is concerned with understanding the social practices, institutional forces, and material complexity of how humans and spaces interact.


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