Dundee Feedback

cultural & community organisation; institutional and student feedback
“Huge congratulations on delivering such an innovative, amazing, intense and wonderful conference and thank you so much for the opportunity to take part. I think what GIDE offers in terms of design experience, and the way in which it allows students to collaborate on an international level, is incredible. It would be amazing to attend next year’s GIDE event in Slovenia.”
Tara Wainwright – V&A Dundee
“I was incredibly impressed with the students’ response, of what was a difficult brief. They fully considered our issues of storage, the different requirements of seating in our galleries and the fact that we move our artist talks, etc around the gallery (depending on artist, works, etc) so a fixed chair was out of the question. They produced two chairs (and worth noting that they were the only group to actually build working prototypes – in the very little time they had). The first chair was for longer sitting periods in the gallery, e.g for artist talks and for older visitors. It is stackable and has two handle ‘holes’ so it is easily portable. They also suggested they would be blank, to change for each exhibition – so in effect acting as an archive too. Also, they would fit together in a larger box which could become additional bench link seating, e.g in the information space (they likened it to a traditional chewing gum box). The other was for short-term use and took inspiration from an umbrella. It had four different tops and was essentially a perch. One of the students said that ‘art should push you up’ and this chair certainly did that!”
Sarah Derrick, DCA, Dundee Contemporary Arts
“Thank you once again for inviting us to take part in such an exciting intentional project. The BFDT Broughty Ferry Development Trust thoroughly enjoyed hosting our part of the event. It was very interesting to see how the students appreciated our castle, beach, harbour, high street and ‘funny Scottish bus stops’ – elements, which we as residents, all to often tend to take for granted were seen from a fresh perspective. Annette and I also found the workshops and presentations to be a very interesting experience. It was felt that the process of communicating and developing the design ideas was as important as the final outcome. The students clearly gained a lot from the experience and have left the Trust with some very useful insights and design ideas based around our town and community – the ‘Ferry Nice’ T-shirts idea definitely has potential!” 
Ruth Lonsdale, Architect, Broughty Ferry Development Trust
“Please accept my sincere thanks for all of the effort that went into making this year’s GIDE conference such a success. We know that the students who attend are all the best and brightest from their respective schools and it is important to provide them with an experience that stretches their abilities. This year’s conference fits that bill completely. The breadth of projects and the interactions with people from the local community was perfect to create an atmosphere that moved the students from their comfort zone into new areas of inquiry and outcome. The organisation of this conference is a massive undertaking and although it looked effortless on the surface, I am completely aware that there were hundreds of hours of preparation and support by administration, staff, and students at DJCAD that made this event possible. You have set a high standard for future conferences to meet. I feel privileged to attend and especially pleased that two of my students were able to experience this conference when it was in Dundee. I know they have forged relationships with peers that they will carry forward into their professional careers. Simply fabulous!”
Cynthia Mohr, CVAD University of North Texas, USA
“Thanks for the stunning hosting, organisation and delivery of the whole GIDE Workshop, event and social experiences.  Students and staff are really impressed by the whole week and lead up to the event. Both Art & Interdisciplinary Practices  and Interior Design at Leeds College of Art found the workshops really challenging, demanding and rewarding in the best possible sense.  As an educator I learned a great deal from the first day in terms of managing, motivating and enthusing an international group of students; and really benefitted from working with another member of staff outside of my specialism and cultural experience. My students have returned to Leeds with a renewed enthusiasm for studying abroad and are eagerly seeking opportunities on the Erasmus Exchange Programme.  I’m especially warmed by the fact that the whole week has helped motivate and drive less capable students as well as those highly motivated individuals. Students and staff at Dundee made the week incredibly exciting, challenging and dynamic.  The Exhibition and following party at the recycling centre were brilliant and rounded off the event superbly. As a course, we have benefitted hugely and have established further links and plans to develop briefs alongside GIDE / Erasmus student and staff exchanges. Thank you Andy, Gary, Linsey and the Dundee students for organising and hosting this dynamic event. I thought I’d return exhausted but I actually feel more energised AFTER the workshop. “
Cheryl Huntbach, Leeds College of Art, England
“The whole GIDE International week in Dundee was excellent, superb, top of the top, exciting experience for me, my colleagues and students. See you in Ljubljana 2013.”
Lenka Kavčič, Academy of Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia
“Amazing experience. Very good organisation…exciting work….stimulating colleagues. Thanks Andy and Dundee team! The Milano team – Davide, Agnese, Raffaella, Giulia, Elena, and Daniela.”
Prof. Davide Fassi DAVIDE FASSI, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
“A fantastic week. Thanks again to Andy and everyone. Great to see you all.”
Dr. Dan Robinson, Leeds College of Art, England
“For us GIDE was really a good workshop experience (and a good international week!!). Well organised, in inspiring spaces, with right work path suggested from you/your staff. We really enjoyed visiting the McManus Museum with the exceptional guide. Thank you again for all.”
Isabella Vegni, SUPSI, Lugano, Switzerland
“Thank you so much for the splendid week we had in Dundee. You and your team did a GREAT!!!!! job! Many thanks from me, my colleagues, and our students!” 
Nansi Van Geetsom, Lessius Mechelen University College, Belgium
“You and your team did a wonderful job the last week and the time before. Thank you very much. I hope you get a little rest now.”
Holger Theis, Magdeburg Stendhal University of Applied Sciences, Germany
“I think the GIDE experience is a fantastic opportunity to work with other like-minded students. The whole experience champions creative group work and helped break down barriers of language but let your creative ideas and practice to flow freely as well. I enjoyed the whole experience and even though we had a really unusual brief we were all able to create a visually imposing solution. Socially, it has really opened doors for me expanding friendships internationally, and has even helped me with my final project. I would really recommend new kids to get involved in GIDE.”
“The GIDE week was one of the most exciting weeks of university so far! It was a fantastic opportunity to work with design students from around the world in the one place and a really stimulating atmosphere to be in. Design skills were exchanged, a lot was learnt and friends were made.”
“Three days! Eight nationalities! Twelve teams! The GIDE ‘Design in Action’ workshop was an incredible experience. There was so much buzz in the atmosphere, everyone became animated. Being around so many creative minds, embracing the opportunity to be involved in this project was inspiring.”
“On the first day of the GIDE workshop I was quite apprehensive, but after the first day I began to find my place within the team and we worked together really well. This was the first experience I’ve had with working with a large amount of people to create something. It opened me up to taking on board others’ ideas and together, solving problems that occurred throughout the duration of the workshop. It’s also made me more open to collaboration and designing projects.”
“The GIDE experience was a great way to see what I have to look forward to when I take part next year in Slovenia. The Pecha Kucha presentations from each school at the conference gave me a really good insight into the different projects and approaches. Walking through the big workshop spaces you could really feel the buzz of creativity in action and the exhibition at the end showed the amazing range of impressive outcomes.”
“The thrill of the chase….first – prowl and stalk the brief! Second – choose your tactics. Third – engage the pursuit! Fourth – dive and devour the problems. Fifth – a climactic mad dash at the project……it’s all about the thrill of the chase.”
“The workshop was a unique chance to work with and learn from all the processes and techniques of students and other staff from loads of international disciplines.”
“It makes me excited for my own ‘hands-on’ experiences next year. I particularly enjoyed meeting students from different countries.”

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