GIDE Ljubljana

Dear colleagues, students, GIDE Friends,

we invite you to actively participate on our GIDE Web page, on our blog, to send us your suggestions, questions…if you will need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,



2 thoughts on “GIDE Ljubljana

  1. HI there čestitke Gide kolegi Ljubljana
    we have several Dundee students’ who will be arriving in Ljubljana on the Saturday. can we get some advice on the two hotel / hostel venues….do you have any advice Petra?

    • Dear Andy,
      I just spoke with the Hotel Park and they told me that there were already some reservations done for the Hostel Tresor. I would also recommend the hostel Tresor since it will be bran new and quite cheaper than the Hostel Park. The 10 bed bedrooms are already booked form one of our partners so if you/your students would like to book your accommodation in the Hostel Tresor please hurry.
      Hope I’ve helped,

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